7 Best Tourist Places In Jalgaon – Best of Jalgaon

Best Tourist Places In Jalgaon - Best of Jalgaon
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We are providing 7 Best tourist places in Jalgaon in our Best of Jalgaon article, In which you will get Address, Loaction link as well as contact no, Best of Jalgaon providing the safest places list where you can visit with family, with friends or office staff as well as college friends or coules can visit this places because we are also listed here best couple spot of Jalgaon.We have mention best places where your mind will get peace. We have mention here also naturals places where you can visit in very low entry cost. There you can see the natural beauty as well as you will feel the pleasant environment there.

List of Best Tourist Places In Jalgaon

1. Matoshree Vruddhashram

Matoshree Vruddhashram- Best of Jalgaon

Address: Near Vivekanand School, Girna Pumping Road Jalgaon

Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/YMhSQ98TtKbtePedA

Contact No: 09423574806

Matoshree vrudhdhashram is the branch of keshav smruti pratishthan. And you know that the keshav smruti is the biggest social network in jalgaon. Matoshree vrudhdhashram gives an amazing facilities for the grand olders. Each and every festival is celebrated here by not only nearby social workers but also the unknown person’s belongs to various different places. Their food quality is just amazing. Management, cleanliness, devotional programmes and silence are the attractions of matoshree vrudhdhashram.Matoshri Vruddhashram is one of the oldest and famous old age house in Jalgaon city.They will take care of helpless old age people irrespective of their caste or religion.

2. Mehrun lake

Mehrun lake - Best of Jalgaon

Address: Shirsoly Road,Meharun

Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Zbs69qm98sitYVrt8

Mehrun” is another popular hotspot in the district for its famous fruit Bor. It is believed that the name Jalgaon is has been taken from Mehrun Lake, meaning of Jal being water.  Jalgaon city in the western part of India lies in the north of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The Jalgaon District is positioned on the northern Deccan Plateau. The most admired tourist attraction of the district is Mehrun Lake surrounded with sheer natural beauty, which is a heaven for the bird watchers as here you can see different species of birds in different seasons. It makes the lake dynamic, colorful and full of variety. It appears as if each bird visits the lake to perform his particular role and after which it just flies away. In the month of February to April, one can see the eggs laid on the bare land.

One can seek relaxation and refreshment in this serene ambience away from the maddening crowds and feel like sitting in the lap of nature with different colorful species of birds. The lake is home to many domestic as well as migratory birds.The humming of birds soothes the soul and takes to the other world. The lake is worth visiting.

The municipal corporation of Jalgaon is planning to build a lord Ganesh Temple and renovate the lake to boost tourism.

3. JCMC Bhaunche Udyan

JCMC Bhaunche Udyan- Best of Jalgaon

Address: 9/A, Mahabal Colony Rd, Ganapati Nagar, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 425002

Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7FZ93WnaWAP4rTPn6

This is my short trip/overview of Newly created, wonderfully detailed garden developed by Hon. Shri Bhanvarlal Jain Trust in collaboration with Corporation Of Jalgaon City. It is becoming one of the favourite leisure/vacation/meeting spot as a hot destination and pride of Jalgaon City. It has cool and calm surrounding for perfect get-together spot. Located near Kavya-Ratnavali Chowk, near SP Bungalow, Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

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4. Landor Khori Garden, Jalgaon

Landor Khori Garden, Jalgaon - Best of Jalgaon

Address: XHH3+9QH, Mohadi Rd, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 425001

Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/92JEkEo5LEZZx2m16

Landor-Khori Forest Reserve is one of the top and best destinations for family and friends in the field of park, Water Parks and resort category in Jalgaon. It is Also known as park, Water Parks, resort, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Picnic Spots, Adventure Parks and much more. Here you can find location, address,.

Its a well maintained park situated only 3 kms away from heart of city. It is ideal as a picnic spot for families. It has a kids play area consisting of swings, slides and other activities. It also has an outdoor gym. The entry fees is ₹20 per adult and ₹10 per child avove age of 5 years. The park also offers yearly pass for people coming for morning/evening walks here.

Landor-Khori Forest Reserve placed in Mohadi Rd, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 425002, and Landor-Khori Forest Reserve took a good position in the Park category in Jalgaon. If you live in Jalgaon or some where near to Jalgaon than this will be a good and easy destination for you. Landor-Khori Forest Reserve is a good park in the amusement_park in Jalgaon because a lot of people are visiting this park, people love this park, this park is always clean, people do not have any problem in coming here and spending time. This is because there are many more entertainment facilities available here. This park also has a safe place for children, people do not face any problem and people can easily entertain here.

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5. Aryan Eco Resort Jalgaon

Aryan Eco Resort - Best of Jalgaon

Address: Girana Pumping Rd, Savkhede Bk., Maharashtra 425002

Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/nFukvmwBJWGAuzVF6

Contact No: 07249814333

This Eco Resort Comes In the year of 2000. It was barren land, where our directors Dr.Ravi Mahajan & Dr.Rekha Mahajan Starts the development with planting native trees, then lots of development has been emerged in the property form last 21 Years. now the resort has 30 Ac suits, huge Ac banquet hall, huge parking space, fun and adventure acitivities and lot of variety of attraction for all visitors and guests. It is a 26 Acre of farmland where we have planted 1000 of verities of likemedical plants, Agro forestry, Fruits, Flowers, etc. The natural ambience of resort and sirrpimded with wish green makes your relax. Our destination is only for relaxation yourmind to rejuvenate your own self and reconnect with nature. Therefore we kept our tagline and these three pillars Relax,rejuvenate and Reconnect.

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6. Gandhi Research Foundation

Gandhi Research Foundation - Best of Jalgaon

Address: Gandhi Teerth, Jain Hills, Shirsoli Rd, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 425001

Google Map Location: https://g.page/GandhiTeerth?share

Contact No: 02572264803

Strive to help establish a world founded on Truth, Ahimsa, Peaceful Co-existence, Conservation and Love for Labour – values cherished and practised by Gandhiji.

The Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) was established by Dr. Bhavarlal H. Jain. He was deeply influenced by Gandhiji whose core principles of Ahimsa (nonviolence), Aparigraha (non-acquisitiveness) and Anekantvada (non-absolutism/many-sidedness) he embodied in his daily life. He stressed the crucial relevance of these Gandhian values, especially in the present age burdened as it is by violence, political dictatorship, materialism and immorality, all the while, lacking in true spirituality.

At the GRF, following his example, we aim to inspire the minds and influence the lives of individuals by articulating as simply and forcefully as possible seminal aspects of Gandhian philosophy. We also engage in empowering the lives of people living in rural India.

As Founder of the Gandhi Research Foundation and Founder Chairman of Jain Irrigation System Limited, Bade Bhau (as he was affectionately called) was the initiator of comprehensive research on and development of the human face in cutting-edge technology in the sector of water management and future-farming. As an exemplary social entrepreneur, being inspired by the values of nonviolence and truth, he conducted his business in trusteeship for the welfare of all. He was also a philanthropist who established several schools, an eye hospital, a sports association and a charity home, all in the provincial town of Jalgaon; on its outskirts, he constructed an irrigation dam for public use. Due to his immense contribution, he was the recipient of the third highest civilian honour in India, the Padma Shri Award.

7. Kantai Dam

Kantai Dam - Best of Jalgaon

Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/sFjYqJrhqBpvQCbJ7

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